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You Deserve More

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A soft knock at her door
It must have been around four
She woke up from her sleep
You said hey it's just me
You told her about your newfound love
And showed her what he'd done
You said mama it's alright
Can I stay for the night?

Bruises on your forearm
He promised that he meant no harm
And what do you do
You're in love
You're in love with that fool

Tears were running down your cheeks
As you ran out to the street
And promised you would never return
And that you deserved more
But that was long ago
These days you don't care anymore
You just hide in the terror of your home
Still you deserve more

Police came by one night
Said that neighbors had heard a fight
Between the couple upstairs
And that she sounded scared
And the cries of a newborn child
Claims which your husband denied
And you were too ashamed to tell the truth
About the abuse

You called your mother on the phone
Still pregnant with your second one
And asked her what she would have done
She said you deserve more
But these days you confide
You confide in no one
Afraid to break up the family
For the sake of your sons

No place to go
Still you deserve more


from Our Need For Solace, released June 27, 2014



all rights reserved


The Search Sweden

In 1999, a group of teenagers found their musical paths crossing each other. Johan Zeitler, Jonathan Nilsson, Tina Bergström, Tomas Svahn, Joakim Jacobsson and Razmig Tekeyan founded The Silverslut in Uppsala, Sweden. In 2003 The Silverslut changed their name into The Search and released their first full-length album, The Search in 2004 which was highly praised by the people who heard it. ... more

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