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Some Pick On The Weakest After Sensing Their Fears

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Just a droplet of blood
Or the trace of a tear
Is all that it takes
She's submerged in a tank
A tank full of sharks
Making a joint assault

Some they pick on the weakest
After sensing their fears
Or slight hesitation
But I do find it debatable
What's considered a strength
What's considered a weakness

Thank god it's not me who's visibly bleeding
Ripped to shreds by these carnivorous beings

A person a being
Trapped and breathless
In a zoo called city
Never show any fear
Some they thrive on other's fears
Keep a stone face at all times

This contempt we carry for weakness in general
Dictates the urban law of the jungle


from Our Need For Solace, released June 27, 2014



all rights reserved


The Search Sweden

In 1999, a group of teenagers found their musical paths crossing each other. Johan Zeitler, Jonathan Nilsson, Tina Bergström, Tomas Svahn, Joakim Jacobsson and Razmig Tekeyan founded The Silverslut in Uppsala, Sweden. In 2003 The Silverslut changed their name into The Search and released their first full-length album, The Search in 2004 which was highly praised by the people who heard it. ... more

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