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Our Need For Solace

by The Search

Solace 03:03
A soft knock at her door It must have been around four She woke up from her sleep You said hey it's just me You told her about your newfound love And showed her what he'd done You said mama it's alright Can I stay for the night? Bruises on your forearm He promised that he meant no harm And what do you do You're in love You're in love with that fool Tears were running down your cheeks As you ran out to the street And promised you would never return And that you deserved more But that was long ago These days you don't care anymore You just hide in the terror of your home Still you deserve more Police came by one night Said that neighbors had heard a fight Between the couple upstairs And that she sounded scared And the cries of a newborn child Claims which your husband denied And you were too ashamed to tell the truth About the abuse You called your mother on the phone Still pregnant with your second one And asked her what she would have done She said you deserve more But these days you confide You confide in no one Afraid to break up the family For the sake of your sons No place to go Still you deserve more
Just a droplet of blood Or the trace of a tear Is all that it takes She's submerged in a tank A tank full of sharks Making a joint assault Some they pick on the weakest After sensing their fears Or slight hesitation But I do find it debatable What's considered a strength What's considered a weakness Thank god it's not me who's visibly bleeding Ripped to shreds by these carnivorous beings A person a being Trapped and breathless In a zoo called city Never show any fear Some they thrive on other's fears Keep a stone face at all times This contempt we carry for weakness in general Dictates the urban law of the jungle
A cold wind is blowing Blowing all dead leaves off Bells are ringing You put on your coat To clear your mind and take a walk A walk around the block You longed for the city The neon lights and gritty streets Up close it’s not that pretty Now a year has gone This town is cold and the heart Remains a lonely hunter You see I just wanted to belong You lie awake at night As cars keep rushing down the streets And as people pass by Been searching for connection For contact and community How hard can it be Sometimes you wonder If it’s time to pack your things and go Move back home Stay a little longer For maybe you will find a friend Who’s dying to get to know you
Hey there wake up from your nightmare Your old hallucinations Surrounded by a field Of less than truthful information Your fingers numb Too numb to even Register To feel a beating heart Real life people seem far apart A life like in a coma Ever since I came to know you Merely digital delusions A life on hold due to distractions Still you starve for connection Yes for any type of contact All pacified Consumed by The opium of your time You watch the able ones Live lives you’ve only dreamt of They’ve seen heartbreak and joy Love fear and disappointment You’ll find success and failure Just around the corner If you’d wake up Yeah wake up To feel a beating heart
Things will get better Once we're through with school Things will get easier bunny That's what they told you They gave you a hard time Well it's no news They gave you a hard time now bunny All that you had to go through Yes I know that school is cruel When the food chain's led by wolves And that you longed for adulthood Put your faith in your ideals Write the songs you want to hear Of a life happening elsewhere I would hide out of sight While waiting for class I'd imagine the future Oh how I longed for that What they taught us at school Was submission and rules Survival of the fittest In the name of education some will lose Yes I know that school is cruel With tormentors free to rule And still years to adulthood So hold on to your ideals Write the songs you want to hear Dream your way out of here Dream your way out of here There's another world out there Your life is happening elsewhere It's happening elsewhere
Young Mother 04:19
I grew up in an orphanage Near the house where my family lived My mother couldn’t feed all my brothers and me There were no other alternatives Now I vowed to never Let my children experience The same kind of life A childhood like mine I moved to a country Where women were allowed to study A chance to break free from a life in poverty And of what was expected of me Expected of me I graduated as a nurse The same year as the war broke out And after my second child was born The babies' father left Young mother Raising children on your own Shell shocked I treated the weak and the wounded Snipers outside the hospital grounds Seems I’ll be once again uprooted An unacceptable condition Not what I had in mind of the future Babies depending on me As the civil war intensified
Oh sailor sailor where did you go Washed up on a desert shore We were heading for home a long time ago 45 men delivering cargo When a storm broke out in a foreign time zone For seven long years now I've been searching for Life on the horizon I'll have you know But all I see is sand the ocean A prisoner cursed with survival Is there anyone out there someone Somewhere Oh say say sailor where did you go Your friends all sleep now on the ocean floor Each night I long for my wife my family My girls have grown up now my babies I hope they're doing alright we'll meet again In the afterlife
Nursing Home 03:51
Oh in the final stages of life They arrive At the nursing home Visits are few and far between At the last of stops She listens to stories of Of happy lives And of some heartbreaking too Oh Lona You work at the nursing home Caring for the folks who Spend their last days alone Some are lost They sit beside the window Observing busy people Remembering days long gone She said I used to walk past that place So many times And catch a glimpse of the face Of my own grandfather I felt such guilt Yes I felt such shame That I always Came with an excuse Something about a career The whole time he was admitted there Today I work here Now that he's gone I guess this must be my way Of trying to make up It's my way my way
Whatever you do Whatever you do Whatever path you choose Embrace what you are Whatever that may be Whoever that may be You'll see What you pending between little one Plain torture and days in the sun A zone of war don't you know who you are A failed troubadour nothing more Embrace it Embrace it Sometimes we learn Sometimes we learn That we're nothing more than the sum Of what we loath in others And in order to change One must face Acknowledge and embrace You may find out that you really like What you've been hating your whole life It's called falling in love Reveal your weakness what you hide The soft tissue under those spined spikes It's alright It's alright
Do you wonder who will love you When he's gone And if there's anyone Whatsoever You don't have to worry They'll come Just take care of yourself In the meantime Now who will comfort you When crying is all you do I was never very strong So please don't say That life goes on Listen, yes it's happened Yes it's happened to others They break up Former lovers You're not the first one Not the last That this has happened to Still it hurts in a way that you never thought it would do Their contentment made them arrogant The couples don't call anymore People that you used to know You go down to the local pub Looking for friends from before Just to feel someone close Who will comfort you?


After the rock oriented “Staying Alive in a Country Industrialized” in 2012 the musical journey of The Search entailed touring their native country Sweden, performing in Germany and recording their seventh long player “Our Need for Solace”. The Swedes, alongside the heart and soul of the band Razmig Tekeyan, have created a passage to their earlier works through a fusion of past and present.

“Our Need for Solace” comprises Dream Pop in a way similar to 80s melodic Wave- and Rock-classics and proves once again Razmig Tekeyan’s ability to include plenty of life experience into the compositions and lyrics. The album is the band's best effort to date with songs like the jangly “You Deserve More” and the danceable “Wake Up From Your Electronic Hallucinations” as well as the melancholic somberness of “Some Pick On The Weakest After Sensing Their Fears.”

Fans of Wave and Indie Pop/Rock should definitely have a listen!


released June 27, 2014


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The Search Sweden

In 1999, a group of teenagers found their musical paths crossing each other. Johan Zeitler, Jonathan Nilsson, Tina Bergström, Tomas Svahn, Joakim Jacobsson and Razmig Tekeyan founded The Silverslut in Uppsala, Sweden. In 2003 The Silverslut changed their name into The Search and released their first full-length album, The Search in 2004 which was highly praised by the people who heard it. ... more

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